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Museum of the Strange

Marjorie Stuart-Baxter is the owner and curator of the Museum of the Strange, which is renowned for its oddities and curiosities collected from all over the world. Recently, she came into possession of an enchanted monkey’s paw, which is said to be able to grant five wishes. Odd happenings, however, have been occurring in the museum since the paw was put on display. Fearing for her safety and wanting to reclaim her museum, she has asked for your assistance in ridding the museum of the accursed thing. Intrigued by both the mystery and the coveted paw, you and your team respond to the appeal for help. Ms. Stuart-Baxter simply gives this one warning: “Be careful what you wish for.”

Peril in the Amazon

It’s a Rainforest Rescue! Dr. Jane Goodsome is a world-renowned archaeologist that has been on the forefront of the field, albeit being disorganized and a little too reckless. You recently got hired to help her conduct studies of an ancient civilization in the Amazon. Upon arriving, you discover that, instead of meeting you at the base camp, she has gone out into the field alone and she has been gone for a week! Worried about the dangers one can face, can you find the radio to call for help before it is too late?

Bamboo and burlap are present in the room in case you are allergic.

Suggested for groups of 2-8 people. ​

This One Time, in the 90s...

Your older sister has stolen your walkman! How will you EVER live without your jams? As luck would have it, your parents and sister have left the house giving you the chance to get it back. Unfortunately, if you get caught in your sister’s room one more time without her permission, your parents are going to send you away to boarding school! Can you sneak into your sister’s room and find your walkman before they get back and ship you off?

Suggested for groups of 2-6 people.

A Trip to the Asylum

Your therapist has suggested that you check into Broadmoor Asylum for a few days, to get some much needed rest. However, upon check-in, you get the feeling that not everything is on the up and up... A nurse shows you to the director's office for an initial evaluation, but he's currently out. Can you figure out what’s going on and alert the authorities before he comes back?

Suggested for groups of 2-6 people.

While packed with suspense, our rooms have low scare factor.

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