COVID-19 Precautions

Last updated 3/12/22

While the risk is still low, we want to assure you we are taking precautions to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

1. We will offer refunds for same-day cancellations (up to 2 hours before your booking time) due to someone in your group being sick or having known exposure. We reserve the right to turn away anyone with visible symptoms without a refund. As we are making extra accommodations to refund the full price due to illness, we ask that you show the same courtesy by taking advantage of this if needed.

2. It is recommended for all customers to wear a mask while in our lobby and bathrooms. 


3. All staff members are required to wear a mask when interacting with customers.


4. Every booking will be private at no additional cost.

5. We are extending times between bookings to allow the air to clear.

6. We will require all players to wash their hands before entering a room. 

7. We have hand-sanitizer in our lobby for your optional use after you play.

We are asking for a few considerations in return.

Please don't come in if you are sick or have had known exposure: we would like to protect the health of our staff as well as our players. We may face closure if we become ill.

We are doing what we can, but you are playing at your own risk so consider your own health situation before booking.

Again, we reserve the right to turn away anyone with visible symptoms. 

Why we are doing this.

We love you guys. You're kind of rad.

We love our staff members. They're pretty awesome.

We love our healthcare professionals. They're amazing.

We love our small businesses. They make Shreveport-Bossier special.

We don't want any of you to get sick with this,

and we want to make our healthcare workers' lives as easy as we can 

while avoiding any more business closures.