Update: As of March 18th, we will be closed due to COVID-19 concerns until further notice.

Dear Shreveport-Bossier Community,


Our entire nation is facing a time of uncertainty as we grapple with the unknown and changing threat of COVID-19. Just like your own family, the Red Herring Escape Rooms family is doing our best to protect both ourselves and our community at large. We have been continually monitoring federal, state, and local guidance to maximize safety, and we have made every effort to keep our rooms safe, clean, and operational - but an honest evaluation reveals that the most prudent thing to do now is close our doors for the foreseeable future.      


We hope to reopen soon, but will maintain the closure as long as necessary. Please stay tuned and we hope to see you soon. Be safe, be smart, don’t panic, and remember to consider your neighbors and community during this difficult time.



The Red Herring Escape Rooms Family

Sean, Anna, Will, Caitlin, Judge, Chase, Keegan, and Vincent



 Shreveport, Louisiana

What is an Escape Room?

Fun  -  Challenging  -  Interactive

Looking for new things to do? Forget sitting on the couch and watching mindless television tonight! 

You and your team will be racing against the clock (an hour to be specific) to solve all the puzzles and riddles necessary to escape a themed room.

Our escape rooms are designed to be immersive and the puzzles fully integrated.

We strive to be the perfect outing for friends, families, dates, parties, and team building.

Come escape the stress of the everyday by challenging your mind in a new and exciting way!

Who should play?


Take game night

to the next level


Turn off the screens and make some memories


Develop team dynamics

while having a good time

Our Escape Rooms

Peril in the Amazon

It’s a Rainforest Rescue! A world-renowned archaeologist is missing in the Amazon. Do you have what it takes to figure out her location and radio for help before she's lost to the jungle?!

A Trip to the Asylum

Your psychiatrist has suggested that you check into Broadmoor Asylum for a few days, to get some much needed rest. However, upon check-in, you get the feeling that not everything is on the up and up...

This One Time, in the 90s

Your older sister has stolen your walkman! As luck would have it, she's gone to the mall, giving you the chance to get it back. However, if you get caught in your sister’s room one more time...

Museum of the Strange

Plagued by strange occurrences ever since acquiring an enchanted monkey's paw, the frantic owner of the Museum of the Strange has enlisted your help to rid her of it once and for all. Her one warning?

"Be careful what you wish for."

More to come!

We have more rooms still in the planning phase. Sign up for our mailing list to stay informed of any new rooms being launched!

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Red Herring Escape Rooms

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Find us right across from the Peace of Mind Center! There's additional parking in the rear of the building.

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